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Rack Pack

WHAT´S A RACK PACK? DESIGNED BY YOU. Our INOmini RackPack bundles allow you to choose from a wide selection of INOmini or Half-Rack monitoring options and combine them for a customized solution at reduced cost.

Customized Monitoring Kits for -AM/FM/HD Radio™, RDS, Internet Radio and DAB/DAB+

The Inovonics RackPack is flexible in design. Fill your Rack Pack with three INOmini 1/3-rack sized units, two 1/2-rack sized units (such as NOVIA,SOFIA or 610), or any combination of one INOmini with one 1/2-rack size unit. Units come fully mounted in a 1U Rack Shelf with one Power Supply, Jumper Power Cables, and blanking panel when appropriate.