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A New Alliance Is Born

At the closing of the 2023 NAB Show in Las Vegas Nevada USA, American Amplifier Technologies (AAT) and System Engineering Solutions (SYES) have proudly announced an agreement to design and manufacture TV and FM transmission products. 

AAT is a leading manufacturer of FM and TV transmission products, with extensive product offerings. AAT manufactures FM & TV transmitters, FM & TV antenna systems, Filter and Combiner systems, Coaxial Line Products, Rigid Line & Components, and Industrial Electrical products.  AAT pairs its extensive product offerings with full turnkey installation & engineering services, providing a complete integrated solution. 

SYES designs and manufactures high-tech RF transmission products, providing innovative air-cooled and liquid-cooled FM & TV transmitter systems. The SYES transmission products provide high-efficiency and energy-saving solutions, paired with unrivaled specifications and reliability. The extensive experience gained in over 40 years of manufacturing solid-state radio frequency solutions has resulted in unmatched product quality, reliability, features, and availability.  

The AAT/SYES alliance will grant customers full turn-key solutions at an unprecedented level. Please contact us immediately at 916-978-1899 or| and start your journey with us!