P1000 Media Gateway Platform

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The AAT P1000 Media Gateway Platform is a compact modular unit which provides a comprehensive video delivery solution for multiplexing, receiving, encoding, transcoding, modulating, scrambling or descrambling applications.



The P-1000 is American Amplifier Technologies high-value product for medium and small sized service operators. It provides proven headend technology in a compact, 1RU chassis. With over 30 different input and output module options that can be combined as needed, it offers a true, comprehensive video delivery solution. Whether it is for multiplexing, receiving, encoding, transcoding, modulating, scrambling or descrambling applications, the P-1000 provides the perfect combination of capacity, flexibility, and reliability at an affordable price point.


•    Any input to any output capability
•    Compact and modular design: 1RU with up to 3 modules
•    Embedded ASI and IP interfaces in the main chassis
•    Supports up to 4Gbps video multiplexing and TS stream multiplex/grooming 
•    Supports EIT multiplexing (optional) and EPG/SI insertio (both DVB and ATSC standard)
•    Dual, redundant power supplies (optional)
•    Easy upgrades to support new technologies by swapping modules
•    Low power consumption and high reliability with MTBF ≥100,000 hours
•    Multi-function multiplexing, receiving, encoding, transcoding, modulation and more



•    Up to 12 SD or HD programs of encoding
•    Up to 24 SD or 6 HD programs of transcoding
•    Multi-audio MPEG/AAC/AC3 encoding Receiving/Digital-Turn-Around
•    12 channels or frequencies of DVB-S/S2/C/T/T2, ISDB-T and 8VSB receiving

•    Descramble, remultiplex and pass-through to ASI, IP or RF output

•    Up to 24 channels of QAM modulating
•    Up to 12 channel s of OFDM/DVB-T modulating
•    8 channels of trans-modulation to QAM (from DVB-S/S2/T/T2, ISDB-T or 8VSB)

Stream Processing
•    Up to 4Gbps processing (approx. 1000 programs)
•    14 ASI ports of multiplexing
•    Internal multiplexing or pass-through capabilities
•    EIT multiplexing (optional)
•    Supports SI and EPG data insertion