EC Series Voltage Monitoring Systems

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The EC series system continually monitors the 50/60 Hz VAC source voltage. When voltage errors occur, the control system prevents unfavorable voltage conditions from being passed to essential equipment. Each system is provided with a prewired and tested enclosure, controller, and contactor.


  • Protects equipment from under and over voltage conditions.

  • Three Phase or Single Phase Systems.

  • Continual real time monitoring.

  • Alert/Fault history stored.

  • Adjustable voltage monitoring

  • User defined start delay, phase error, and voltage thresholds.

  • Optional disconnect feature.

  • Optional IP interface



EC-30, EC-60, EC-80, EC-115, EC-150, EC-300, EC-400


UL Listed

Amperage Rating

Model Dependent, Model # = Maximum Current Rating, EC-30= 30 Amp Rating

Category UL/IEC

Type 1CA for use in Type 1, 2, and 3 Applications/ Class (II)

Voltage Range

190-630 VAC 50/60 Hz Single or Three Phase, WYE or Delta

Response Time

25 ns or less 

Physical Features


20''x 20'' x 6''


25 lbs


Operating Temperature Range

-40° C to 80° C

Operating Humidity Range



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