JUSTIN HD Radio™ Alignment Processor Model 808

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HD Radio™ Alignment Processor

The JUSTIN 808 maintains time alignment between analog FM and HD1 channels to within 23 microseconds (±1 sample).

The JUSTIN 808 only makes its time-alignment adjustments to the HD1 channel leaving the critical FM transmission untouched - an important distinction when choosing a time-alignment processor.

No more lost words, stuttering, echoes, or level shifts. The entire sync process is 100% automatic, and the JUSTIN’s Web interface features SNMP support and dispatches e-mail and SMS alarm messages.

Approved by DTS/iBiquity for HD Radio™.


  • Precise time alignment between analog FM and HD1

  • Automatic phase correction and RMS gain leveling

  • Insert in either the FM or HD Radio™ AES digital feed

  • Full Web interface for remote control, metering, etc.

  • SMS/email alarms for loss of signal and loss of audio

  • Extensive data logging with graphic display

  • Auto failover with relay bypass



Receiver Input

  • 75-ohm ‘F’ connector. Receiver tunes 87.5 to 107.9MHz in 200kHz steps. An RF input level of 20dBμV or more assures reliable operation.
  • AES Digital Audio I/O:AES3 (XLR) digital audio loop-through; 44.1kHz sampling rate
  • Network Interface: LAN (RJ45) connection to local network and through user’s router to Internet for full Web Interface remote control and monitoring.


In HD Radio AES Audio Feed

Placed in line with the AES audio feed to the HD Radio™ exciter, the JUSTIN 808 will automatically correct diversity delay errors and r.m.s. level errors between the FM and HD1 programs.

In Analog FM AES Audio Feed

Placed in line with the AES audio feed to the analog FM stereo encoder, the JUSTIN 808 is capable of providing the entire diversity delay, if required. It will automatically correct diversity delay errors, but cannot normalize r.m.s. level errors between the two programs.


Correction Resolution

Corrects to ±1 sample (±23 μs)

Maximum Delay Error Correction

16 seconds

Time Required to Correlate Delay Errors

Small delay errors (up to 0.4 seconds) require up to 30 seconds to correlate; delay errors of 10 seconds could require as much as 3.5 minutes.

“Catch-Up” Button Feature

A front-panel menu item, also accessible via the Web Interface, permits a manual time alignment quick reset to a previous long-term mean value. This obviates correlation acquisition and brings time alignment close to the required figure.


The JUSTIN 808 offers automatic program phase correction when a phase reversal is sensed between the analog FM and digital HD1 program channels. R.M.S. level correction is also available when the JUSTIN 808 is placed in the AES digital audio feed to the HD Radio™ exciter.


Alarm Conditions

1.RSSI(Low RF signal) 2.Audio Loss or Levels Out of Range

  • AES Loop-Through
  • Off-air FM Audio
  • Off-air HD1 Audio

3.Out of Alignment Range(user preset)

Alarm Indications

1.Front-panel OLED display

2.Rear-panel ground-closure ‘tallies’ with selectable logic polarity

3.SMS-text/email notifications via SMTP

4.JUSTIN 808 Webpage indication

Alarm Logging

All alarms are logged by the JUSTIN 808; statistics are presented graphically via the Web Interface and may be downloaded for follow-up study.

Web Interface

The JUSTIN 808 Web Interface is compatible with desktop/laptop computers, tablets and smart phones, and supports SNMP with a downloadable MIB file. All functions available at the front panel are duplicated by the Web Interface.


Power Requirements

105 - 130VAC or 210 - 260VAC, 50/60Hz; 20 watts

Size and Weight

1¾”H x 19”W x 9”D (1U); 10 lbs. (shipping weight)


0°C - 50°C operating temperature range; 95% noncondensing relative humidity; up to 3000 meters AMSL


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